Bureau Sculptaal

Thanks, Joris, for your creative spirit and all your help!

MX Media

Thanks, Merijn van den Nieuwendijk, for your video editing skills!

Auguste Sunny Photography

Thanks, Augustė, for shooting some killer band photos of us in December 2017!

Dutch Blues Foundation

Thanks to the Dutch Blues Foundation for doing what they to maintain a healthy blues scene and represent our country at the IBC and EBC in Memphis and Europe every year!


Thanks to Jurlights for excellent service and recording our show!

Gitaarshop Heemstede

Gitaarshop Heemstede


Thanks to Rob Spigt for upgrading and repairing my gear!


Thanks to DisplayGigant for excellent customer service and great quality banners.

You Name It! Verloningsservice

Thanks for taking care of every financial aspect of making music for us!

B-yte Webdesign

Thanks, Frank, for designing my logo with excellent customer service!

BudgetCam Cameraverhuur

Thanks to BudgetCam, for sponsoring three cameras to record our show at Haarlem Jazz & More 2017!

Kuno Mooren Photography

Thanks, Kuno, for making us look good on our second set of band photos as well as great shots at live shows!

Blues Magazine (NL)

Thanks for spreading the word!

The Blues Alone? (NL)

Thanks for taking great pictures (José Gallois) and writing in-depth reviews (Nicolette Johns/Giel van der Hoeven) and thus helping us getting our brand out there!

Ted van Kampen

Ted van Kampen, eigenaar van Gitaarshop Heemstede.


Thanks for mixing and mastering our first EP!

Karin Rövekamp

Thanks, Karin, for your wonderful photos of us performing live!

Ronnie Shellist

Ronnie Shellist Taught me my first ropes on harmonica.

Ron de Gruyl

Thanks, Ron, for making us look good on our first series of band photos!




Thanks, Greg Heumann, for making such quality products for us!

David Barrett

Thanks to David Barrett for sharing wisdom through his website

Cadillac Pete

Thanks, Cadillac Pete, for making such quality products for us!

© Thomas Toussaint 2021


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